The Garden Series 1997-2000

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Gardens have existed for centuries in many shapes and forms. A garden maintains equilibrium in large or small spaces through its juxtaposition of materials, spatial relationships, hues and textures. One can imagine the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Garden of Eden, the landscaped and geometric gardens of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The extended naturalism of English gardens provides wonderful contrasts to clipped, polished and manicured French gardens. Channels and running water are characteristic of Arab gardens; those in Spain and Central and South America are centrally located in cities and towns. Flowerless, maze-like Italian gardens differ enormously from the carefully raked and precisely placed stones of Japanese gardens. Not to be neglected are numerous interior gardens, as well as our own mental gardens, which we populate with everything from weeds to exotic assemblages.

In my mixed media installations comprising The Garden Series: Perennials Redux , Baby Perennials Redux, and Flowers-in-the-Round, establishing equilibrium among the materials is just as important to me as in other gardens that I have dreamed of, thought about and actually orchestrated over the years. Along with the harmonious integration of clay, glass and wood, the concept of growth and change is important. This evolution occurs through transforming the existing spatial relationships by using modules that may be "replanted" any number of times in a variety of geometric arrangements. Essentially, rather than turning to nature to form an enclosure of plants, flowers, trees, rocks and water to please the privileged few, my intention is to create personal enclosures of ceramics, glass and mixed-media that may provide a place for everyone.