Debris Contained 2012-2013

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This installation is a continuation the idea of play and toys represented by doll body parts and baseballs that make a comment on natural and manmade disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, or abortion to mention some. Each of the five miniature porcelain containers of Debris Contained may be slid open and closed. Each box is an echo of the installation, Hung Out to Die. The contents of the porcelain boxes are identical in content to each suspended sack of the large mixed-media installation, Hung Out to Die. In both installations there are white doll body parts, a rag dolls, and baseballs, but they present diametric opposites in size and method of containment. The very small, paper-thin, but durable Keraflex® porcelain boxes of Debris Contained, with the miniature porcelain hand-sculpted toys are a clear contrast to the fragility of the hanging fabric bundles with their life-sized toys in Hung Out to Die. Additional contrasts may be made between the tiny porcelain boxes that seem representative of toy boxes and the three sacks hung from the steel stand of Hung Out to Die presenting the macabre effect of a guillotine. The anthropomorphic doll body parts and baseballs signify a union of the past, the present and future. The baseballs provide an additional contemporary note. In addition, as in the large installation, these objects allude to the universal cyclical nature of life and death. Debris Contained is in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Measurements: five boxes, each box 1.0" H x 2.5 " W x 1.5"D